Areas Of Work

Hello to all,  I pray that all is going well with you.  The work in Haiti continues as we strive to work toward building more unity and love among the church.  While there is much to do the Lord continues to open doors to touch the lives of people and the community.  We are blessed to be able to go and share the message of Christ with others.  As we continue to move forward with the work in Haiti we are also working on other islands.  I was recently in St. Croix where the church is struggling but holding fast to God’s word.  I hope to take a group there in August, 2013 to conduct a door knocking campaign.  We hope plan also to take a group to Jamaica to conduct a VBS and gospel meeting, we will be working with Dave Osbourn in Jamaica.  We cannot forget the work in the USA because there are still many souls who have not come to Christ.  In the summer of 2013 we plan to travel to Roundup and Lewistown, Montana to help the local churches to reach people in their community.  There are many good works taking place around the world and so continue to pray that doors will continue to open, brave souls will step through and that many souls will come to Christ.

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